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What I wore..

30 Jul

CREDITS: Starring: Alex// Photography: Christos Pagoulatos//


top : Stelios Koudounaris via Frock n’ Roll
skirt: Sotiris Georgiou via Frock n’ Roll
shoes: Fullah Sugah
sunnies: Balenciaga
necklace: Accessorize
bracelet: vintage
ivory ring: Africa

What I wore.. becomes A Welcome Giveaway

25 Jul

It’s only a few days and we already got our first thousand visitors, bless you!   Not that Frock n’ Roll needs a reason to celebrate, after all it is a Sagittarius.  So jump in and cross fingers.  One of you will win this lovely whiteDlight dress in 3 different colour combinations (so it’s actually 3 dresses for the one winner).

To enter you just have to:

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The giveaway is open internationally and ends Tuesday, August 2.

Good luck Everyone

CREDITS: Starring: Alex// Styling: Alex//Photography: Christos Pagoulatos//


dress : whiteDlight via Frock n’ Roll
shoes: gladiators Arezzo via Frock n’ Roll, Black fringe boots Zara, Sneakers Converse All Star
sunnies: Ray Ban
belt: vintage
jewelry: Alexia’s own from Africa
bags: Star Mela pouch via Frock n’ Roll, clutch and black bag (Alexia’s own vintage)

Comfortably numb

15 Jul

by Natalie Prassas

Pink Floyd, a band whose psychedelic rock was, in my youth, an escape from ideals that I instinctually knew were wrong, but were nevertheless instilled in me as proper. I hardly ever listened to them in good or sober times, but they were always there to nourish my doubt about the way life should be. Considering I was in pampers when the original “The Wall” concert took place in 1980, it was a great honor and experience to participate in the resurrected tour with an ironically new age appropriate adaptation. Roger Waters put on a fantastical and theatrical show, with intense metaphors through the use of intricate technology, which included pyrotechnics and huge puppets, as well as the infamous floating pig.
The show was centered on the building of a life size make shift wall which was built up during the first half of the show and broken down at the end. Contrary to the original tour which focused on Water’s personal isolation, this time round the wall became a canvas for projections that emphasized broader worldly matters. The senselessness of war and subsequent negligence of poverty, human isolation, the illusions of capitalism and over-consumption, highlighting the fact that not only are we oblivious to so many forms of manipulation but that we have become conveniently apathetic. Particularly touching were the words of ex American president Dwight Eisenhauer, projected across the wall, “Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger, and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.” The crowd was enthused with the subtle yet highly relevant reference to our current situation, by way of an anti government slur projected on the wall during the song “Mother”, and the line “Mother, should I trust the government?” How very appropriate for a country that is at the start of its awakening.
This was surely no average concert, however in our times it is going to take something immensely above average, to pull us out of this black hole. Roger knew then, and hasn’t forgotten now. So I will leave you with a quote from Waters himself 22 years ago, ” What it comes down to for me is this: Will the technologies of communication in our culture, serve to enlighten us and help us to understand one another better, or will they deceive us and keep us apart?” I think the answer is apparent to us all now; the point is what are we going to do about it?? My advice, we are all one; a living breathing, growing organism, interconnected with each other and the earth, the people who built the walls around us are not interested in our well being. So start breaking down those *#$%* walls!

Natalie in the concert's t-shirt

CREDITS: Text: Natalie// Photography: George Skourtaniotis//

The Black

12 Jul

by Dimitria Ioannidou//

Black is unequalled.  It is THE most fascinating colour in the history of fashion.  And to think I am a colour person… Still, no other colour has evoked across the ages such diverse and conflicting connotations, from expressing death and loss to symbolizing wealth, social pre-eminence and even rebellion.  So imagine my delight when one of my favourite museums (the fashion museum in Antwerp) hosted an exhibition on Black!  The whole exhibition unravels like a story and although it was too dark to take a decent picture, I’ll try take you there.

CREDITS: Text: Dimitria// Photography: Dimitria// Exhibition: BLACK. Masters of Black in Fashion & Costume

Your ticket to Antwerp

12 Jul

by Marjan Schrooten//

Having lived in London for several years as a twenty-something singleton embracing the Britannia cool, I have returned to my hometown, Antwerp. With a fresh perspective on European urban living, I have discovered that my city has at least as much to offer as any other metropolis:  shops, bars, restaurants, culture and entertainment,…

In Antwerp, it’s all within walking distance from a quaint historic centre. As I recently gave birth to a little baby girl, this can only serve as an advantage, as there will be lots of urban (Bugaboo) strolling going on from now on! I will keep us up to date about the Antwerp city life: the shops, the arts, daily life and gastronomy, while avoiding any superabundance of chocolates and beer as topics (as tempting as this might be).


Antwerp, an introduction

For those of you who have never heard of Antwerp (and this is no shame), a first introductory blog piece might be in order. It’s a medieval Flemish port town in the north of Belgium, still breathing its past whilst blending it smoothly with the new and trendy: next to a baroque or gothic church you may well find a pop-up store or vintage boutique.

In the business world, Antwerp is most known as the world’s centre for diamond trading (eight out of ten diamonds in the world have passed Antwerp at some point) and for its large port, but it is also a fashion hub: at the Antwerp fashion academy, some of the most internationally acclaimed designers learned the tricks of the trade. About 25 years ago, the ‘Antwerp 6’ (Ann Demeulemeester, Dirk Bikkembergs, Walter Van Beirendonck , Dries Van Noten, Dirk van Saene and Marina Yee) made their way into the fashion world, distinguishing themselves by being quite different from their peers. Today these names need no more introduction, nor do these more recent graduates: Stephan Schneider, Raf Simons, Veronique Branquinho, A.F. vandevorst, Bruno Pieters, Tim Van Steenbergen, Haider Ackerman.  Most of these designers have their own flagship store in Antwerp, making it a great place to shop till you drop… (i.e.: blog posts to follow about these!)

Antwerp may not be largest city in Belgium (that title belongs to the more centrally located Brussels), but its inhabitants sure do treat it like it is, with a great sense of pride in the way their city has evolved over the centuries, and is still changing every day. During an interview about an American remake of a very popular Flemish film, the lead actor – born and bred in Antwerp – was asked whether he was at all intimidated by Hollywood. His reply: ‘Are you kidding me, I’m from Antwerp!’.

Let’s see if I can second that emotion…

CREDITS: Text: Marjan// Photography: Dimitria

July break in the Big Blue

12 Jul

by Dimitria Ioannidou//

For those of us who haven’t planned our holidays yet, for those of us who can’t get enough of the Big Blue View, for those of us who now need this more than ever, I’ll spare you the words and treat you with pictures.

If you still resist the temptation to click and book, still no worries, you’ll get the “what i wore” posts pretty soon with a bit of Frock n’ Roll in the outfit and a lot of Corona Borealis in the Naxos breathtaking background.

CREDITS: Text: Dimitria// Photography: Corona Borealis, Naxos, Greece

Surfing the rock wave, one swell at a time!

12 Jul

by Natalie Prassas//

Ok so this summer has consisted of a bevy of fine music artists who were true to their summer appearances with Greek fans! Yes we’re all feeling the pinch of the recession lately however it would be like throwing in the towel to opt not to take part in a least one never before seen live of a long time loved band. After all, we have to allow ourselves indulgence in some pleasure so as to keep up our moral, regardless of the dark cloud that has set over the country, music is, after all, inspiration to all tastes and ages in some personal way!

On a personal note, I decided instead of over indulging in the full rock wave repertoire, as I would have done in prior years, purely for the sake of the general energy of the live experience, and despite the great bands that graced us with their presence all weekend, specifically, and among others, Prodigy, Gogol Bordello, and, Monster Magnet. I decided to go for one of my personal favorites and never before seen lives, on Friday the 1st of July, that of Sivert Hoyem member of Norway’s most successful rock band Madrugada. Their performance on the Friday involved a main mix convoy of, The Stranglers, Cake and the Editors.

So as I soaked in the dark and haunting sounds of Sivert, who focused on songs from his new album, consisting of unfinished pieces he found necessary to complete and release following the death of Höyem’s band mate, guitarist Robert Burås. Some of the very sounds, that have accompanied me personally during very dark times mind you, I took the opportunity to sneak a peak at another one of my loves, fashion, more specifically, the trends and updates of festival style this season!

It was refreshing to see girls who were not in the category of the concert devotees, the Exarhia locals, finally break out of the jean shorts and All Stars safe resort. Although jean shorts were still big in the picture, they were coupled with hightops, funky print tees, check shirts, trilbys and this seasons must have Balmain inspired multi hole tee. Fashion highlights consisted of latest trends such as florals and maxi dresses “rocked out” with military boots! I love that Greek girls are coming out of their shells and finally experimenting with colors, prints and styles and mixing and matching their looks! So if you have not yet participated, keep yourself updated on soon to come artists and don’t hesitate to let yourself run wild with your style choices!

CREDITS: Text: Natalie// Photography: Natalie & George Skourtaniotis//

Those shoes…

8 Jul

by Dora Bora//

A post about Aperlaï, isn’t just another shoe-porn post. It’s a post about what happens when two very talented, shoe-lovin’ ladies team up to create shoes so coveted that would even make Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz green with envy.

Alessandra Lanvin and the fresh talent Geraldina Bassani Antivari are two women designing women shoes – mostly named after women – and destined to win women’s heart. With a twist of punk-rock glam, Aperlaï shoes can be both “rough” and feminine, but most importantly – and that’s why I love women who design shoes – they are easy to strut in. A small parenthesis at this point as I would like to give credits for the comment on comfort to my dear friend M. who owns a pair of Aperlaï and also owns a permanent place in my “I-envy-you-till-the-end-of-time” list. Closing parenthesis.

And if you don’t take M.’s word for it, then you gotta trust Blake Lively, Kate Bosworth, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ginnifer Goodwin who are among the celebs that have chosen Aperlaï for their red carpet appearances (and the red carpet is where you definitely don’t want to trip over).

And because Aperlaï shoes speak for themselves …

CREDITS: Text: Dora// Photography: Aperlaï Paris

What I saw..

7 Jul

by Nadia Gerazouni//

Francis Alys:  Fabiola
Schaulager at Haus zum Kirschgarten, Basel, Switzerland
12 March to 28 August 2011


Saint Fabiola is the patron of the deceived, the mistreated, the divorced and of widows. She lived in Rome on the 4th Century. In 1885 Jean-Jacques Henner painted her profile and although the original painting was lost in 1912, numerous artists have either copied it or made their own versions of it.

Francis Alys is a renowned Belgian artist (Antwerp 1959) that now lives and works in Mexico. Alys has been collecting portraits of Saint Fabiola from flea markets and thrift stores around the world. He owns a collection of 370 of them, executed in various media, from oil on canvas and ceramics to embroidery, enamel and more.

Haus zum Kirschgarten, a former townhouse in Basel, is now a museum that introduces the 19th century bourgeois lifestyle. It is within its 25 rooms that Francis Alys presents his extraordinary collection of portraits of Fabiola.

Schaulager never ceases to amaze us with its creativity, freshness and open-mindness. It is the perfect example of how an institution can be alive and ahead of its time.

CREDITS: Text: Nadia//Photography: Schaulager® at the Haus zum Kirschgarten, Basel
„Francis Alys: Fabiola“, 12 March – 28 August 2011
Installation view, photo: Tom Bisig, Basel

What I wore..

7 Jul

CREDITS: Starring: Alex// Photography: Dimitria//


dress : whiteDlight via Frock n’ Roll
shoes: YSL gladiators
sunnies: Marc Jacobs
bangles: from Africa
silver bracelet: Folli Follie
leather bag: Coming Soon