Surfing the rock wave, one swell at a time!

12 Jul

by Natalie Prassas//

Ok so this summer has consisted of a bevy of fine music artists who were true to their summer appearances with Greek fans! Yes we’re all feeling the pinch of the recession lately however it would be like throwing in the towel to opt not to take part in a least one never before seen live of a long time loved band. After all, we have to allow ourselves indulgence in some pleasure so as to keep up our moral, regardless of the dark cloud that has set over the country, music is, after all, inspiration to all tastes and ages in some personal way!

On a personal note, I decided instead of over indulging in the full rock wave repertoire, as I would have done in prior years, purely for the sake of the general energy of the live experience, and despite the great bands that graced us with their presence all weekend, specifically, and among others, Prodigy, Gogol Bordello, and, Monster Magnet. I decided to go for one of my personal favorites and never before seen lives, on Friday the 1st of July, that of Sivert Hoyem member of Norway’s most successful rock band Madrugada. Their performance on the Friday involved a main mix convoy of, The Stranglers, Cake and the Editors.

So as I soaked in the dark and haunting sounds of Sivert, who focused on songs from his new album, consisting of unfinished pieces he found necessary to complete and release following the death of Höyem’s band mate, guitarist Robert Burås. Some of the very sounds, that have accompanied me personally during very dark times mind you, I took the opportunity to sneak a peak at another one of my loves, fashion, more specifically, the trends and updates of festival style this season!

It was refreshing to see girls who were not in the category of the concert devotees, the Exarhia locals, finally break out of the jean shorts and All Stars safe resort. Although jean shorts were still big in the picture, they were coupled with hightops, funky print tees, check shirts, trilbys and this seasons must have Balmain inspired multi hole tee. Fashion highlights consisted of latest trends such as florals and maxi dresses “rocked out” with military boots! I love that Greek girls are coming out of their shells and finally experimenting with colors, prints and styles and mixing and matching their looks! So if you have not yet participated, keep yourself updated on soon to come artists and don’t hesitate to let yourself run wild with your style choices!

CREDITS: Text: Natalie// Photography: Natalie & George Skourtaniotis//

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