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“Revenge Phone Rap” rocks

28 Sep

by Dimitria Ioannidou//

Now this is so much cooler than any kind of revenge you have EVER plotted.  If you feel someone has wronged you, in any way, you need to have a word with Maurice.

You’re probably wondering who’s Maurice. Maurice is the rhyme master. He’s the Revenge Rap Master. In his own words:

“Well my name’s Maurice and I’m here for you, I’ll cheer you up when you’re feeling blue,
you see i got a knack of making raps, I shoot off my mouth instead of peeling caps,
when you got troubles you come to me, I know more words than a spelling bee,
someone done you wrong? You let me know! Tell me about it and send some dough,
then i make a rap and you get revenge, it will be a bigger mystery than STONEHENGE!”

You see?  You’re angry. You call Maurice.  You tell him your tale.  He’ll write a mini rap and then give the perp a ring.  That’s it.  No more texts, calls, voodoo, friend therapy, ok shopping is allowed…

To hear samples and order your vengeance rap, go to  Haven’t checked if he makes international calls though, sorry…

CREDITS: Text: Dimitria// Photography: via