Coffee Time…in Antwerp

11 Mar

by Marjan Schrooten//

It’s not exactly something you would immediately associate with Antwerp (even though more than 7 million bags of green coffee beans are handled in the Port of Antwerp each year, which makes it largest coffee hub in the world) but I am convinced that it will soon be on the ‘things to do in Antwerp’: have a nice cup of coffee!

And while you’re at it, you might as well go for the best coffee place in town: ’Normo Coffee’. The quaint vintage-style coffee bar is situated in the cosy neighborhood between the historic city centre and the up-and-coming northern part of town, home of the recently opened MAS museum and the restored marina. Even during your shopping till your dropping it’s worth taking a caffeine break here:  in Antwerp, everything is really just a few blocks (well ok, pebbled medieval streets) away.

At Normo Coffee, the coffee is homemade: freshly ground in an eye-catching coffee grinder, the coffee tastes even better than it smells.  Owner Jens Oris is proud of his micro-grinder with cleverly tweaked settings to ensure a perfect grinding and brewing of his product. For him, it’s all about controlling the entire creative process of that perfect cup of coffee.

Having your favourite cup of cappu-, frappu- or moccacino in this trendy, low-budget and laid-back interior is really more like coming home on a Saturday morning after a lazy stroll around town in your favourite tracksuit and sneakers; but at Normo, the quality and choice of coffees is really so much better than just another George Clooney-branded capsule.

Everybody should believe in something.  I believe I’ll have another coffee.  ~Author Unknown

CREDITS: Text: Marjan// Photography: Marjan// Normo Coffee:

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