Dum Dum Girls

29 Mar

By Dimitria Ioannidou//

On one hand you have sweet. Pretty girls, shorts dresses, quirky stockings and mellow voices.  On the other hand you have sour. Loss, suffer, separation, distance, detachment.  There you are, that’s what music is made of.  No wonder it wasn’t until the ‘sour’ hand was full that the Dum Dum Girls made a great leap forward and released what’s for the rest of us both unique and full of emotional impact.

What is so distinctive about Dum Dum girls is their blend of girl gang, garage-pop, eyeliner punk, moody atmospheric music that forms the substance of their signature. It’s their way of letting you in a world of Edie Sedgwicks and Jane Birkins, in a world of days that evolve from polished to lonely to torn.

Listen up…




CREDITS: Text: Dimitria// Source: wearedumdumgirls.com//Video: via YouTube//

One Response to “Dum Dum Girls”

  1. Marjan 29/03/2012 at 11:27 #

    Edie Sedgwick revisited: I like!

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