What I saw..All Star Color Explosion

8 May

by Dimitria Ioannidou//

Last week, Converse All Star popped up in Glyfada and what a color pop up that was!  There were colors, actually tons of them, in spray cans, tubes, crayons, markers, couldn’t hope for anything more colorful than that.  Then there were friends.  And cocktails.  And chocolates.  And then there were Panayiotis and Spit custom hand painting the guests’ All Star’s.

So yes, I had copious amounts of fun, particularly because upon arrival I had my own All Star pair customized with my name and a “big badda boom” illustration.  Only problem is I love my new “Bomb” Stars so much I don’t wanna wear them outside.  I will eventually, so if you see me please watch your step; step on them and it’s a “deal breaker”!

To show our appreciation on hand painting and our love on customized “classics”, we thought of styling up my “Bomb” All Star’s with some of the limited edition hand painted t-shirts you will soon find exclusively in Frock n’ Roll and online.

The Pop Up Store aka Converse Gallery will be there for a short time to host the COLORS collection of Converse.  Just bear in mind it takes a couple of hours to paint a pair so if you want one you need to hurry.  And if you can’t get there on time, no worries, Converse Gallery will pop up in more Converse stores, so stay tuned for the updates.

CREDITS: Text: Dimitria// Photography: Alexia, Dimitria//All Star: Converse Gallery – T-shirts:  Frock n’ Roll – Shorts: H&M – Blue lace skirt: whiteDlight via Frock n’ Roll – golden leggings: Almost Famous via Frock n’ Roll – white lace skirt: vintage


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