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Here we are! Are you ready?

29 Oct

I’ll keep this short and quick:
Thursday. November 1st. Doors are opening. Eshop launches. New showroom. New Ideas. New Frock n’ Roll.

We’ll be here (physically) and here (digitally) All missing will then be YOU!


26 Oct

by Dimitria Ioannidou//

We’ve been slacking off in the blogging department, way behind with both posting and catching up on all our usual reads. The focus on finishing our new showroom has gotten in the way as expected.  But we’re back now, we’re just about to open the new showroom, we’re just about to launch the long-awaited eshop and this should help things along..

So my beloved fashion people, stay tuned in all channels to learn about all that and so much more.

Wrapping it up social-media-wise herebelow:
INSTAGRAM @itsonlyfnr

Aaaah! Good to be back//