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Call my Name. Wear it Out.

1 Nov

by Dimitria Ioannidou//

We’ll be back with a “t-shirt post” very soon.  Till then, lets warm up with a selection of the best “Call My Name t-shirt” pictures.  Let’s see who wore it best!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7b 8 9 10 11 12 13 13Daskalitsa 13dormark 14

CREDITS: Photography: check here for each girl’s link to blog, or instagram feed// Get your own personalised t-shirt here //

SS Warm Up… Trend Alert

12 Apr

by Dimitria Ioannidou//

The trends:

  • Florals: We’ve covered that in the previous post. Not a right time for shrinking violets.
  • Pastels: Consider it a prettier, sweeter and more subtle take on the recent colour-blocking trend. Think marshmallows in an old fashioned sweetie shop and you’ll get it right.
  • Navajo Prints: Angular triangles and dusty bright colours originating from the Navajo people of native America have managed to find their way into the fashion industry as well as that of clothing subgenres like skate boarding. Ideally teamed with colors that are part of the pattern.
  • Colour Block (Bright and Bold): Keep the combo with up to 3 players and prefer electric bright emerald, fuchsia, mint and orange.
  • Sheer & Short: No boyish looks this season. Feminine will be your middle name.
  • Lace: Why don’t you combine Lace, Sheer and Short and make it a ‘day to remember’?
  • Pleats: For all Alexa Chung’s out there, polished granny is the look and I’m not personally buying it. My “pleats please” will be more origami inspired, more Halston wannabes and far less granny. Granny is “to love”, not “to wear”

The colours: Black and White (together), Pastels, all shades of Blue from Azure to Sapphire (but then we are Greeks so blue is our black anyway).

The mood: The mood is light.  It’s where serious and fun meet.

The tip: Try to put all that at the back of your mind and improvise. Do not get trapped in the Spanish MegaPower uniform, i.e. pastel skinny jeans every day of the week.

//Happy Easter to ALL//

CREDITS: Text: Dimitria// Photography: credit under each picture// whiteDlight collection at Frock n’ Roll eshop going online any day now…

Full Bloom

30 Mar

by Dora Bora//

Florals in spring may sound like the most obvious fashion cliché, but let’s face it… florals seem to be on steroids this year, dragging you inevitably in tempting and all-fun print-on-print combinations. And the psychedelic results, may convert even those who feel that floral prints only belong with the helpless romantics.
This spring serves as the ideal opportunity to dig out of the depths of our closet that floral vintage dress, play with the shape, saturate the colours, top it up with another layer of floral print, add some “bling” and hit the streets with flair.
Of course, the most talented designers could not stay impartial to this flourishing explosion. From Erdem, to Stella McCartney, to Peter Pilloto and to the most loyal print advocate Mary Katrantzou, hi-fashion boutiques all over the world seem to be more colourful and cheerful than ever. And things start to get really intriguing when florals hit the “extremes” (yes, I am talking about shoes, AGAIN). The “street catwalks” during the most renowned Fashion Weeks also did set floral prints as the ultimate trend for this season.

Even if you are not a print person, you have to admit that this colour explosion puts a smile on your face. Dare you, or dare you not?

CREDITS: Text: Dora// Photography (in order of appearance):,,,, Nicholas Kirkwood and Tabitha Simmons,,,, Dora,