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18 Nov

by Dimitria Ioannidou//

Once the mark of the outcast, the rocker and the rebel, now the it-accessory from lawyers to athletes, women -mostly women- to politicians, students to nuns (I guess..).  One fine day back in August heavily pregnant miss Dora Bora and yours faithfully set out on a research for the best tattoo place in Athens.  Dora focused on hygiene, I focused on the artists.  Here’s what we found out for first-timers (if there still are any):

-Research what you want.  It must age well with you and be timeless, at least in your mind.
-Research your studio. Hygiene comes first.
-Research your artist.
You need to get along.
-Do it.
-Look after it. Sun protect it.

Daddy aint that cool with you having a tattoo?  UV tattoo is one cheeky way to do it, as long as you can stay away from discos and psychedelic parties.  Although, I wouldn’t recommend that, as it is still not clear whether UV ink could be carcinogenic. And I wouldn’t recommend the white ink tattoos either as most of the time they look more like a scar than ink art.

And now for your inspiration, all the way from the archives of tattoologist


And if you’re still not intrigued, here’s me playing my last card..


Actually my last card is this: There’s more where this came from! Boom!


CREDITS:  Text: Dimitria// Photography:  Tattoologist //Video: The Cut Exclusive: Louis Vuitton Scott Campbell Collaboration from Louis Vuitton youtube channel//

When in Rome…

9 Apr

by Dora Bora//

Us Frock n’ Rollers have this thing for fashion. But when you take fashion and top it up with a bit of contemporary art (as you may have already seen here) we tend to bat our eyelashes harder and faster than ever.

And if the roads lead you in Rome, drop by the MAXXI museum and allow the artistic duo Lucy + Jorge Orta to narrate breathtaking “Roman Tales” (“Fabulae Romanae”) in the context of the ZegnArt Project.  A space-centered installation, created specifically for and presented in the MAXXI national museum of XXI Century Arts in collaboration with the museum and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion – London College of Fashion. The art project comprises of highly narrative sculptural work and a video performance that deal and try to interpret some of the most fundamental and recurring concepts of the artists’ body of work: protection, sheltering, movement, ethics and aesthetics.

The installation was made using some innovative Zegna technical fabrics that the artist chose as a means of representing the symbolic function of protection. The result is impressive and strongly represents the grand projects that can be generated when combining fashion with art …

CREDITS: Text:Dora// Photography: courtesy of Ermenegidlo Zegna Group// The Lucy + Jorge Orta Fabulae Romanae project is commissioned by Ermenegildo Zegna Group// Curated by Maria Luisa Frisa// Within MAXXI Art Collection new display – “Tridimensionable”// 22 March – 23 September 2012

Full Bloom

30 Mar

by Dora Bora//

Florals in spring may sound like the most obvious fashion cliché, but let’s face it… florals seem to be on steroids this year, dragging you inevitably in tempting and all-fun print-on-print combinations. And the psychedelic results, may convert even those who feel that floral prints only belong with the helpless romantics.
This spring serves as the ideal opportunity to dig out of the depths of our closet that floral vintage dress, play with the shape, saturate the colours, top it up with another layer of floral print, add some “bling” and hit the streets with flair.
Of course, the most talented designers could not stay impartial to this flourishing explosion. From Erdem, to Stella McCartney, to Peter Pilloto and to the most loyal print advocate Mary Katrantzou, hi-fashion boutiques all over the world seem to be more colourful and cheerful than ever. And things start to get really intriguing when florals hit the “extremes” (yes, I am talking about shoes, AGAIN). The “street catwalks” during the most renowned Fashion Weeks also did set floral prints as the ultimate trend for this season.

Even if you are not a print person, you have to admit that this colour explosion puts a smile on your face. Dare you, or dare you not?

CREDITS: Text: Dora// Photography (in order of appearance): style.com, topshop.com, stellamccartney.com, peterpilotto.com, Nicholas Kirkwood and Tabitha Simmons, liberty.co.uk, zarahome.com, follifollie.com, Dora, vogue.com

La Vie en Ros

2 Aug

by Dora Kappou//

… or what happens when you take a Greek dad, a Dutch mom add a twist of freckles, ravishing long light-brown hair and a strong face.
Rosanna (Ros) Georgiou, at age 16, seems to have what it takes to make her way through the all-demanding international catwalks. And her very busy work schedule over the past few months could only mean that she also has the discipline and the will to establish herself in the fashion world.
Covers in some of the most important Greek fashion magazines, edgy fashion editorials, Paris Fashion Week, Haute Couture Catwalks have already started building a seemingly solid and competitive CV.
Could it be that Greece has found its international top model? Hmmmm

CREDITS: Text: Dora// Photography: Fashion Model Directory

Those shoes…

8 Jul

by Dora Bora//

A post about Aperlaï, isn’t just another shoe-porn post. It’s a post about what happens when two very talented, shoe-lovin’ ladies team up to create shoes so coveted that would even make Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz green with envy.

Alessandra Lanvin and the fresh talent Geraldina Bassani Antivari are two women designing women shoes – mostly named after women – and destined to win women’s heart. With a twist of punk-rock glam, Aperlaï shoes can be both “rough” and feminine, but most importantly – and that’s why I love women who design shoes – they are easy to strut in. A small parenthesis at this point as I would like to give credits for the comment on comfort to my dear friend M. who owns a pair of Aperlaï and also owns a permanent place in my “I-envy-you-till-the-end-of-time” list. Closing parenthesis.

And if you don’t take M.’s word for it, then you gotta trust Blake Lively, Kate Bosworth, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ginnifer Goodwin who are among the celebs that have chosen Aperlaï for their red carpet appearances (and the red carpet is where you definitely don’t want to trip over).

And because Aperlaï shoes speak for themselves …

CREDITS: Text: Dora// Photography: Aperlaï Paris

It’s all about the team. And the team is this..

7 Jul

Dimitria Ioannidou.  whiteDlight designer, FrocknRoll founder//

Dimitria is all about dresses, owls, new hobbies and pastel tints.  Dresses, she wears; Owls, she collects; Hobbies is her secret to sanity and pastel tints, these always find a way to show up in the end.

Alex Tari.  FrocknRoller//

Alexia is all about pink toutous, positive thoughts and planning ahead like a real Capricorn, she is.  She’s the one you can’t miss in a crowd, all golden locks and glowing in enthusiasm and optimism.

Natalie Prassas.  purposely unemployed, designer and style conoser//

Natalie is all about: spotting beauty in a mess, dark sides, past lives, mental photos, her grandmother’s jewelry, over-analysis, the evil eye, befriending street dogs, jean shorts, secret diaries, snacks, never planning, stylish laziness, cold unfinished lattes, angry music, bisexual rock-stars, letters from tourists in the Athens News, crystals, black as a last resort, spring cleaning all year round, undiscovered artists, champagne in a crisis, female madness, and love as a cure for everything!

Nadia Gerazouni. gallery director at The Breeder//

Nadia is all about art and satisfies her consumerist needs by obsessively collecting jewelry. Being the gallery director at The Breeder she travels to art fairs all around the world. When she grows up she will become an art collector.

Dora Bora. corporate communications & Fashion PR//

Dora is all about shoes, bling trinkets, summer dresses, music, smoking, shopping.  Shoes and trinkets, she can’t get enough.  Summer dresses, she could wear all year long.  Music, she never sings along to.  Smoking, she has quit.  Shopping, she can’t quit.

Marjan Schrooten. translator from Antwerp, Belgium, working as a communications project manager in Brussels//

Marjan is all about languages & literature, lavish colours, lovely accessories,  lattes, long weekend Euro-breaks and ladies who lunch (schedules allowing).

Eleni Gatsou. freelance advertising agent and consultant in Paris.  Vogue Hellas contributor//

Eleni is all about the ‘mix’.  She mixes greek with french, grace with wit, kindness with even more kindness, business with pleasure, black and white, design with vintage and in the end she manages to be the friend you’ve always wanted.

George Dimitrokallis.  FrocknRoll founder//

George is The man and is all about bikes and music.  And that’s all you need to know.