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It’s only Frock n’ Roll but I like it? Dont You?

16 Dec

Here’s your chance to prove it and win a €300 gift card!

Snap an Instagram pic (or ten or more!) that says “Frock n’ Roll” – whether it’s scribbled on a sticky note, drawn using macaroni, or written in the snow. The more creative, the better! Tag it using the hashtag #frocknroll and post it.  The contest ends on the 27th of January, so point and shoot!


* The contest is open internationally and ends 27/1/2013
* Winner will be chosen based on creativity and originality (not on popularity), so give it as many tries as possible
* The Prize is a €300 Gift Voucher to spend on frocknroll.com
* Winner will be contacted directly & announced on our blog, our instagram account (@itsonlyFnR) and our facebook fan page on 27/1/2013
*For those of you without an instagram account, entries will be featured here.  Feel free to comment and encourage originality

Contest Closed: Congratulations @kanella

Spread the word of Frock n’ Roll Contest. Vol. 1

7 Nov

It’s true what you’ve heard.  We’re back. Frock n’ Roll is now well and trully open and we are celebrating.  Why don’t you help us celebrate for as long as possible by spreading the word about FROCKNROLL.COM. To get you in the “preaching” mood we are having a competition for the chance to win a €300 Gift Voucher on our online shop.  All you have to do is post a “fashion detail” photo to your Instagram feed and hashtag #frocknrollcomeback.  It doesn’t have to be an outfit or accessory purchased at Frock n’ Roll, however you’ll be judged for originality and popularity.  And since we post worldwide, the winner can be from any country!  So style it up, strike a pose, shoot it, hashtag it and cross those heavily jeweled fingers till December the 1st.

Contest Closed: Congratulations @thegeorgep


26 Oct

by Dimitria Ioannidou//

We’ve been slacking off in the blogging department, way behind with both posting and catching up on all our usual reads. The focus on finishing our new showroom has gotten in the way as expected.  But we’re back now, we’re just about to open the new showroom, we’re just about to launch the long-awaited eshop and this should help things along..

So my beloved fashion people, stay tuned in all channels to learn about all that and so much more.

Wrapping it up social-media-wise herebelow:
INSTAGRAM @itsonlyfnr

Aaaah! Good to be back//