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Pre-Christmas 1Day Fashion Indulgence made in Greece

14 Nov

Don’t even think  it’s too early for Christmas.  The longer it lasts the better.  It’s 40 days till Christmas (countdown clock here), lets start mumbling carol-y songs and preparing gift lists.  Plus, hard times call for proactive thinking. So plan ahead and join us for tea, sweets and Christmas shopping.  There will be jewls and bling and treats for kids, there will be dresses and frocks you’ll love, there will be one of a kind design items for your most special ones.  There won’t be any of the parking fuss and there won’t be any of the worries for the juniors, cause there’s a playground involved as well.  So there you go. All is sorted, Boom.  See you!

SS Warm Up… Trend Alert

12 Apr

by Dimitria Ioannidou//

The trends:

  • Florals: We’ve covered that in the previous post. Not a right time for shrinking violets.
  • Pastels: Consider it a prettier, sweeter and more subtle take on the recent colour-blocking trend. Think marshmallows in an old fashioned sweetie shop and you’ll get it right.
  • Navajo Prints: Angular triangles and dusty bright colours originating from the Navajo people of native America have managed to find their way into the fashion industry as well as that of clothing subgenres like skate boarding. Ideally teamed with colors that are part of the pattern.
  • Colour Block (Bright and Bold): Keep the combo with up to 3 players and prefer electric bright emerald, fuchsia, mint and orange.
  • Sheer & Short: No boyish looks this season. Feminine will be your middle name.
  • Lace: Why don’t you combine Lace, Sheer and Short and make it a ‘day to remember’?
  • Pleats: For all Alexa Chung’s out there, polished granny is the look and I’m not personally buying it. My “pleats please” will be more origami inspired, more Halston wannabes and far less granny. Granny is “to love”, not “to wear”

The colours: Black and White (together), Pastels, all shades of Blue from Azure to Sapphire (but then we are Greeks so blue is our black anyway).

The mood: The mood is light.  It’s where serious and fun meet.

The tip: Try to put all that at the back of your mind and improvise. Do not get trapped in the Spanish MegaPower uniform, i.e. pastel skinny jeans every day of the week.

//Happy Easter to ALL//

CREDITS: Text: Dimitria// Photography: credit under each picture// whiteDlight collection at Frock n’ Roll eshop going online any day now…

Off the Cuff

2 Apr

by Dimitria Ioannidou//

Street style doyennes have been modeling clinking stacks of bangles, friendship bracelets, and watches for several seasons now. As prints get busier and colors bolder this spring, we’re becoming all the more fond of making a statement with sleek cuffs.  On top of that, being Greeks, we have grown to love symmetry, golden chunky jewellery and luxury at hand!

A big fan of cuffs Amanda Brooks, Barneys Fashion Director, shares her own personal rules of the wrist: simplicityvolume balancemix exquisite with budget-conscious.

CREDITS: Text: Dimitria// Photography (from top to bottom: tig-fashion, marie claire, lalaounis, Frock n’ Roll// Amanda Brooks interview: endlessbeauty.com//