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18 Nov

by Dimitria Ioannidou//

Once the mark of the outcast, the rocker and the rebel, now the it-accessory from lawyers to athletes, women -mostly women- to politicians, students to nuns (I guess..).  One fine day back in August heavily pregnant miss Dora Bora and yours faithfully set out on a research for the best tattoo place in Athens.  Dora focused on hygiene, I focused on the artists.  Here’s what we found out for first-timers (if there still are any):

-Research what you want.  It must age well with you and be timeless, at least in your mind.
-Research your studio. Hygiene comes first.
-Research your artist.
You need to get along.
-Do it.
-Look after it. Sun protect it.

Daddy aint that cool with you having a tattoo?  UV tattoo is one cheeky way to do it, as long as you can stay away from discos and psychedelic parties.  Although, I wouldn’t recommend that, as it is still not clear whether UV ink could be carcinogenic. And I wouldn’t recommend the white ink tattoos either as most of the time they look more like a scar than ink art.

And now for your inspiration, all the way from the archives of tattoologist


And if you’re still not intrigued, here’s me playing my last card..


Actually my last card is this: There’s more where this came from! Boom!


CREDITS:  Text: Dimitria// Photography:  Tattoologist //Video: The Cut Exclusive: Louis Vuitton Scott Campbell Collaboration from Louis Vuitton youtube channel//