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What I saw..

20 Aug

by Nadia Gerazouni//

Museum of Broken Relationships >> Zagreb, Croatia

Remember the box you hide under your bed or at the back of the closet with all those mementos from your past relationships? A ticket from the concert where you met him, the receipt of your first dinner, the t-shirt he gave you to sleep in when you first stayed over at his apartment, his business card with his number scribbled on… the list is endless and can potentially include anything from the most disgusting filthy thing to the most expensive diamond ring.

This is what the Museum of Broken Relationships brings together, a collection of love stories, of failed love stories. Of course every story has its symbol, which is no other than these mementos which might mean nothing to us, but to its owners they meant the world.  At least for the duration of the affair.  And do we have news for you.  You can make your own contribution to the museum by emailing them an image of the object along with a short description of what it symbolizes.  What a better way to get over a break-up.  And here dear reader may I ask you to consider what your ex lovers could have contributed to your (dis)honour.  And a small advice: next time you dumb someone think twice for any evidence you might have left behind…

The Tristan Bates Theater in London’s Covent Garden presents The museum of Broken Relationships from August 15th – September 4th 2011.

Have a glimpse at our favorite exhibits at the museum:

Would YOU consider being a part of this? Would you like your own relationship relics to be exhibited in the Museum? Email us your thoughts at  itsonlyfnrbutilikeit@gmail.com and the best story will be featured in the blog and awarded accordingly with a surprise gift from Frock n’ Roll.

CREDITS: Text: Nadia// Photography: Nadia// Exhibition: Broken Relationships

What I saw..

7 Jul

by Nadia Gerazouni//

Francis Alys:  Fabiola
Schaulager at Haus zum Kirschgarten, Basel, Switzerland
12 March to 28 August 2011


Saint Fabiola is the patron of the deceived, the mistreated, the divorced and of widows. She lived in Rome on the 4th Century. In 1885 Jean-Jacques Henner painted her profile and although the original painting was lost in 1912, numerous artists have either copied it or made their own versions of it.

Francis Alys is a renowned Belgian artist (Antwerp 1959) that now lives and works in Mexico. Alys has been collecting portraits of Saint Fabiola from flea markets and thrift stores around the world. He owns a collection of 370 of them, executed in various media, from oil on canvas and ceramics to embroidery, enamel and more.

Haus zum Kirschgarten, a former townhouse in Basel, is now a museum that introduces the 19th century bourgeois lifestyle. It is within its 25 rooms that Francis Alys presents his extraordinary collection of portraits of Fabiola.

Schaulager never ceases to amaze us with its creativity, freshness and open-mindness. It is the perfect example of how an institution can be alive and ahead of its time.

CREDITS: Text: Nadia//Photography: Schaulager® at the Haus zum Kirschgarten, Basel
„Francis Alys: Fabiola“, 12 March – 28 August 2011
Installation view, photo: Tom Bisig, Basel

It’s all about the team. And the team is this..

7 Jul

Dimitria Ioannidou.  whiteDlight designer, FrocknRoll founder//

Dimitria is all about dresses, owls, new hobbies and pastel tints.  Dresses, she wears; Owls, she collects; Hobbies is her secret to sanity and pastel tints, these always find a way to show up in the end.

Alex Tari.  FrocknRoller//

Alexia is all about pink toutous, positive thoughts and planning ahead like a real Capricorn, she is.  She’s the one you can’t miss in a crowd, all golden locks and glowing in enthusiasm and optimism.

Natalie Prassas.  purposely unemployed, designer and style conoser//

Natalie is all about: spotting beauty in a mess, dark sides, past lives, mental photos, her grandmother’s jewelry, over-analysis, the evil eye, befriending street dogs, jean shorts, secret diaries, snacks, never planning, stylish laziness, cold unfinished lattes, angry music, bisexual rock-stars, letters from tourists in the Athens News, crystals, black as a last resort, spring cleaning all year round, undiscovered artists, champagne in a crisis, female madness, and love as a cure for everything!

Nadia Gerazouni. gallery director at The Breeder//

Nadia is all about art and satisfies her consumerist needs by obsessively collecting jewelry. Being the gallery director at The Breeder she travels to art fairs all around the world. When she grows up she will become an art collector.

Dora Bora. corporate communications & Fashion PR//

Dora is all about shoes, bling trinkets, summer dresses, music, smoking, shopping.  Shoes and trinkets, she can’t get enough.  Summer dresses, she could wear all year long.  Music, she never sings along to.  Smoking, she has quit.  Shopping, she can’t quit.

Marjan Schrooten. translator from Antwerp, Belgium, working as a communications project manager in Brussels//

Marjan is all about languages & literature, lavish colours, lovely accessories,  lattes, long weekend Euro-breaks and ladies who lunch (schedules allowing).

Eleni Gatsou. freelance advertising agent and consultant in Paris.  Vogue Hellas contributor//

Eleni is all about the ‘mix’.  She mixes greek with french, grace with wit, kindness with even more kindness, business with pleasure, black and white, design with vintage and in the end she manages to be the friend you’ve always wanted.

George Dimitrokallis.  FrocknRoll founder//

George is The man and is all about bikes and music.  And that’s all you need to know.