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PreXmas Fashion Indulgence event with lots of Frock n’ Roll

25 Nov

by Dimitria Ioannidou//

It was raining cats and dogs.  It was raining like a cow pissing on a flat rock.  It was raining chairs.  (note: UK, US, GR in order of appearance).

Still, so many of you made it and we are thankful (influenced by Thanksgiving).  Pictures of the event’s cast..

CREDITS:  Text: Dimitria// Photography: Kanella, Dimitria, Polina Sapouna Ellis, Vanessa Geroulanos, Alex Tari, instagrammer @v_celia_d, instagrammer @katerina_kan//

EVENT PARTICIPANTS: Kanella, Vanile on the Rock by Vanessa Geroulanos, Miss Flamingo, Polina Sapouna Ellis & Frock n’ Roll//

SPECIAL THANKS: RSVP Event Design & Rentals, WineSelect.gr, Kayak , Studio 7 and the Ecali Club//

Frock n’ Roll “pops up” @ BoConcept Athens

10 Dec

4 days, one fine interiors mecca and the Frock n’ Roll team.  We all meet again to “Dress Up around the Christmas Tree” and rock our party frocks, one “Ho” at a time.  Brand new whiteDlight Resort Collection 2012 will be previewed, a few fab surprises will be unveiled and all that with a lot of Christmas magic.

Thursday 15th, Friday 16th : 10:00 – 20:00
Saturday 17th, Sunday 18th : 10:00 – 17:00

Follow us on twitter for preview hints…